Apex Continuum (AC) is recognized as the premier mercantile co-operative among the Forbes Fortune 5000, with facilities and contacts spread throughout UEE space.  With our Corporate Headquarters located in the Terra System; and major Regional Headquarters located in the Magnus, Croshaw, Orion and Bremen Systems, we are uniquely situated to support our membership in whatever their commercial enterprises might be.  Holding true to our motto, "Semper Excelsius,” our members routinely outperform, outbid, and outfly their competitors.

AC membership consists largely of former UEE military members, who have served honorably but now wish to devote their considerable talents towards commercial pursuits.  While we do maintain an impressive para-military capability, our main goal is to promote prosperity among our members and corporate backers.  Within the strict limitations of the UEE Mercantile Codex, no job is either too large or too small for our operators as long as there is money to be made.  With the "esprit de corps” learned through military service, our members can be assured that they will be afforded the mutual support they need to be successful.

As a co-operative, our members are free to engage in their own personal pursuits, to sortie together for mutual support and protection, or to join in larger and more complex missions sanctioned by the AC governing bodies.  AC is divided into five functional areas designed to accommodate just about any legal enterprise.  These Divisions include the Exploration Division, Mercantile Division, Salvage Division, Mining Division and the "In Extremis” Division.

Our governing bodies include a Board of Directors, Regional Administrators, Functional Executive Officers and special appointees.  The Board of Directors (the Board) consist a seven Executive Directors, from which a Chairman of the Board is selected, and is responsible for overall policy, programmatic and personnel decisions.  Regional Administrators are appointed by the Board and provide the management of our major Regional Headquarters.  Functional Executive Officers are appointed by the Board and are placed in charge of our Divisions, with the exception of the "In Extremis” Division which is retained under direct control of the Board.

Prospective members are encouraged to visit our corporate website, submit your application and take our personnel fitness survey to see if you have what it takes to fly with the best – the Apex Continuum.


Who are we really?  We are a group of gamers who enjoy the social aspect of gaming as much as the adventure and wish to live out Chris Robert’s dream of a persistent universe.  We seek fellow gamers, who like helping each other, have a mature attitude, and enjoy being fully immersed in an alternate reality.  Many of us have military background and know what it means to be brothers-in-arms, so if you have prior service, you might feel right at home.  We are a Star Citizen-only guild.  If you are looking to join a mega-guild that plays dozens of games, this is probably not a good fit.  Personally we find these guilds too impersonal and with very little quality control.  We hope to grow but will not sacrifice quality for quantity.  If you’re in the game to achieve the highest score, the most kills, the coolest loot, or how much "free stuff” you can get from your fellows, then we are probably not the guild for you.  If you are a griefer, you’re definitely in the wrong place.  Needless to say, we are English-speaking only, and welcome players from the States, Canada, the UK, Australia and other Commonwealth countries.  Players from other countries are certainly welcome as long as we can communicate effectively.  But if you wish to belong to a group of experienced gamers who place a higher priority on supporting their mates than they do on preserving their electronic pixels, who will stick together in the toughest fight and go the extra mile to help a friend in need, then give us a look.